Magento 2 & auth.json

I’ve been working some Mage2 builds locally and I can’t fathom the correct way to handle auth.json and Composer access details.

I run all of my projects from ~/webdev/vhosts/ with each project having it’s own virtualhost and folder.

As everything is run under the same user (it’s my local machine) they all look to ~/.composer/auth.json for access details and this breaks as each project has it’s own access keys for different repositories.

Magento comes with an auth.json in the root and also uses var/composer_home/auth.json but it seems that neither of these are loaded when using the composer command.

I’ve been unable to find an option for Composer to use a specific auth.json file.

How does everyone else deal with Composer access details?

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What is the difference between Magefun_Blog and Aheadworks_Blog


I got request from the client that he wants to add Blog extension to he’s store. But he is not sure which one to use. I have 0 experience with both of these so I’m asking one of you.

Have you ever used any of those 2 extension, what was your experience. ?
If you must choose one of those, which one would you rather pick ?

Thanks πŸ™‚

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M2 2.2.11 moving http to https, hostname errors, setting changes not reflected


Updated Magento to 2.2.11 for new payment processor extension. Extension requires everything to go through https so I enabled that for the domain (shared hosting). Compiled, deployed, reindexed, cleaned up caches. However the frontend continues to use http and backend only accessible if i clear cookies before every session.

Guides instruct me to change values in store/system config/web to have both secure and unsecure url point to https. I am unable to change these as putting in the https url and trying to save results in the following error:

The input appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match TLD against known list; The input does not appear to be a valid URI hostname; The input does not appear to be a valid local network name

base url settings in store/syscfg/web

cookie settings in store/syscfg/web

db config for urls

I’ve manually edited the base_url values in the db but when I load store/config/web these changes are not reflected. I am at a loss as to where it’s pulling the data on the admin backend since it’s ignoring the db values.

You can tell this isn’t my day job but I am managing the e-com for my dad since his budget doesn’t allow someone actually qualified. Any help would be most welcome.

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Secrets of Magento 1 to 2 Migration: The Why, What, & How

A large number of businesses have shifted to Magento 2, but many businesses failed to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2. They will be at multiple business and security risks as significant software upgrades provide security and improve your business. Read more here to know what are the secrets of Magento 1 to 2 Migration.

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Store notice extension?

I would like to add a store and noticed that sits on the top of the website about being closed early for the July 4th weekend.

It would be nice if people could exit out of the banner and even allow me to set dates so that it will automatically turn off.

I feel like magento 1.9nhad a few modules that did this. Looking for 2.3.

Thanks in advance.

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How to change localhost URL from to http://www.magento.local/

I am installed Magento 2.3.4 in LEMP Most of the tutorial suggest use http://www.magento.local/ instead of ip address, how to change this into Nginx?


Nginx : etc/hosts www.giri.local

After added above location my magento backend url changed but error.

Error Screenshot :

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Magento 2.3 – LEMP – Localhost URL setup in Nginx

Magento 2.3 – Multi Website Nginx Configuration -I am working on LEMP localhost, here is my main url : “http://” & multi website url : “http://” How can i use my url into Nginx setup? Shall i use magento2-dev.local instead of http:// and magento2-demo.local instead of http:// If i wrong how can i use my localhost url into LEMP Nginx setup

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Magento 2.3.5 – Something is eating server memory and causing 500/502 errors

Hi There. We recently switched over to 2.3 (from 1.9 because of the inevitable EOL / paypal support) we have a relatively small shop (600 products, ~700 visitors per day) and it has been causing us some issues lately. we’d get random 500 / 502 bad gateway errors / server resource errors. I’ve looked at our server usage and it seemed they correlated when we were using our allocated 4gb of ram. nothing in our exception/debug/system log to point us in any direction and our webhost has blamed these on nodes being temp overloaded (not even by us even though we were right at 3.99gb)
Anyway, today i upgraded our hosting plan from 4 to 5gb, after watching the usage slowly creep up, it started going past 4gb and I’m worried something is going on that will cause it to just keep growing. I’ve looked into my cron setup, only a couple of errors in the list i nuked. I would have thought 4gb would be plenty for a store our size, now I’m worried 5 may not be enough. anyone ran into something similar and can point me in the direction of things to look into?
Should probably mention, looking at CPU history on the server, we’re not, and never have utilized a single core from our 4 available, its purely a memory thing.

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Free Magento 2.3 Commerce B2B Demo


Last year we launched a public Magento 2.3 Commerce demo (which is now updated to 2.3.5). Because of the demand, we just launched also a Commerce demo with the official B2B add-on.

The demo is completely raw – default installation with sample data. And there are no restrictions at all – you can even break the website through the admin panel. All changes are reset every full hour so the demo is available for everyone without any restrictions.


magebit / Demo123

Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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