To Update or Not to Update

Hi, My dev experience is 90% WordPress (yes, I’m bad) and 10% Magento for my bigger stores over the years. However, I keep seeing people want to talk us out of updating on my team. It looks like both Magento 2.3.4p2 and Mage 2.3.5 are perceived as unstable. Both of my stores are running about […]

[Magento 2] “Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity.” when shipping. inventory_source_item table not updating.

I enabled inventory (MSI) on our Magento 2.3.1 store a couple months ago due to COVID causing too many orders of products that we couldn’t get. I automatically import stock from suppliers at 4 AM every day and everything works perfectly except for when we try to ship an order.   -Customer places an order […]

Magento 2 – Failed to generate REST docs locally

This error happens every time I tried to access the REST API docs locally. The error message: Failed to load API definition. Internal Server Error N.B. This is a clean Magento 2 installation. After checking the log files, this is what I’ve discovered. Message: The “DateTime” parameter type is invalid. Verify the parameter and […]

Recommended UK based Magento 2 Developers

What companies would you suggest for developing & maintaining corporate level Magento 2 stores. (10,000+ Items, lots of plugins, custom modifications, links to multiple marketplaces, linked with external software etc). We have a few names, but I’m just wondering if any that you guys would recommend. Thanks submitted by /u/antde5 [link] [comments]