Magento 1.9 – How to write script for bulk update in table using csv?

I want to add a position for products by using category id in the table catalog_category_product, how to bulk update for my 20k products and any best practice for this suggest me thanks. Workout: <?php require_once ‘app/Mage.php’; umask(“0″); Mage::app(); ini_set(‘display_errors’,”1”); ini_set(‘display_startup_errors’, “1”); error_reporting(E_ALL); if (($handle = fopen(“inputs.csv”, “r”)) !== FALSE) { while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, […]

Magento 2.3 Error

Has anyone received this error? (unknown) Fallback to JQueryUI Compat activated. Your store is missing a dependency for a jQueryUI widget. Identifying and addressing the dependency will drastically improve the performance of your site. It shows up when inspecting any page on the site (home, product, etc). I am thinking it’s related to the theme […]

How to set the reset time for Daily Revenue?

Hi, Wonder if someone can help me. Tried Google’s searches and youtube and cant find the answer Our magento site seems to be displaying the daily takings in a way that seems like its using data from the previous day. How to I set it to reset after 12AM GMT? Thank you! submitted by /u/pingsterpingster […]

Best MSI Training / Implementation Pro’s

Hey guys, I’m doing a bit of background research on MSI at the moment. We run a reasonably complicated inventory system which is currently configured in a third party inventory management software. A huge percentage of our products are linked to each other. Customers can buy in multiple quantities and a high percentage of purchases […]


Hi, i am using Magento 1, and i know they will end support on JUNE. Does that mean i wont be able to use my website any more or there will be just no support? submitted by /u/KukaOG [link] [comments]