What do I still need to regenerate static content in developer mode?

I’ve written this blog post to resolve an issue with symlinks and extensions/themes in Magento (mostly for personal reference). But I’d like to know why it’s required to redeploy static content in development mode. I thought that wasn’t necessary? https://magentowizard.wordpress.com/2020/02/21/path-cannot-be-used-with-directory/ Thanks for any help. submitted by /u/Spect0gram [link] [comments]

Random Fraud Status on Orders

​ We have a B2B website and all our customers are approved to be on the site. No public or guest checkouts. Typically they all use credit cards. Some of the transactions are being marked as fraud. We don’t know why. Magento 2 – Fraud Protection is not enabled. I can’t get the orders to […]

How to Setup Multiple Magento 2 websites/stores with Nginx?

Magento is so flexible that one instance of it can have multiple websites/stores with different languages, domain names, categories, etc. You can configure the websites, stores, and store views in the Magento Admin. You use the MAGE_RUN_TYPE and MAGE_RUN_CODE variables in entry point scripts(index.php), .htaccess or Nginx configuration files(depending upon the webserver you are using) […]

Magento 2 CI/CD Setup?

Would love to know what environment/setup folks have for M2 development. For example, on local what IDE and plugins? For CI/CD are you using Jenkins? What plugins and how are you running tests? submitted by /u/william_o [link] [comments]