PrestaShop to Magento Migration

Building a digital business is not that easy as one might think. It all starts with a reliable eCommerce platform that aims at satisfying your basic needs and requirements. Also, don’t forget about the themes, modules, enhancements, and other management-related issues – a real herculean task! But once your store starts growing in revenue and […]

Magento Development Company in Chicago

Magento Migration Service in Chicago Develop your online business with the best Magento2 Development Company in Chicago, Phase3Commerce assist you with making customized stores with our start to finish Magento administrations. With Phase3Commerce the online store’s growth potential is infinite. We are a full-service Magento web development Company in Chicago that takes a holistic […]

Free open source M2 extension to display notices like “Open for Business”

Hi all my company developed a free simple extension that may be useful for Magento 2 merchants nowadays. It allows to display a notice/banner at the top of all or selected store pages. Something that businesses often do to say “We are open for business” or vise versa. Gitlab URL – submitted by /u/levashovbiz […]

Hello, having a problem with urls

Hello, I recently deleted a product in hopes of making a new version of the same one under the same url. However, after deleting the product and making a new one, the new prpducts url as some numbers appended to it that increment by 1 on save. Does anyone know how to get rid of […]

please share your experiences on hosting problems so I would be aware while choosing the appropriate hosting for my site.

Hey guys, I currently hosted my e-commerce site in Godaddy and facing frequent downtimes. I used Magento to build my site (Not a technical person though). Due to the frequent downtimes, I am losing orders. Initially, I used Godaddy because of my budget. But now I am planning to switch to another premium hosting. Would […]

B2B/B2C handling

Hi all, I’m new here as I’m new to Magento. I excuse myself in advance for the probably noob question: I should create an e-commerce to sell simple products to other shops and to single customers. My idea for what I read til now was to handle all by the using two groups in a […]

What do you use for your development environment?

Background: Forced to use Windows at work, but I work on a Magento site sometimes. I’ve managed to make it work with WAMP but not everything works perfectly (there’s a lot of running cache clean, setup:upgrade and rm -rf all static content directories here to see changes – although that might just be the normal […]

Restrict Store Access, Disable Registration, Require Customer Approval Extension

Magento 2 Store Restriction Pro extension provides the complete restriction functionality for your store in many ways (disabling registration, requiring customer approval, restricting access to special customers while allowing guest access to certain pages) Key Features 1. General Upgrade Proof Module(purely event-observer based, no any preferences/rewrites). Compatible with Magento CE 2.3.x & EE 2.3.x. Option […]