I built a Magento 2 module that provides collection of utilities meant to improve the experience of developing modules for Magento without breaking existing functionality.

The module includes the following features such as: Twig Template Support, additional LESS prefix mixins, JS Polyfills, Laravel-Like migration syntax, and much more. The module is completely free and open source, criticisms are welcome. https://github.com/dannydamsky/Dev-Tools-Magento-2-Module submitted by /u/dannydamsky [link] [comments]

Magento 2 & UPS

Using the built-in UPS module under Stores > Sales > Shipping Methods and I believe I have it configured correctly but the shipping prices are wildly out of whack. For example, I had a customer order 2 items, each 74 pounds, shipping from MA to ME in the US, and shipping was listed as only […]

Updating Magento 2.1.6 to latest

Hi all, Just looking for some advice. I’m looking for a developer to update my old 2.1.6 Store to the latest and spend some time improving a few features. I’ve posted the job on a freelancing site but i’m being advised by what seems like a very good company that I’d be better off either […]

Does a vanilla Magento 2 store even use Paypal IPN?

I have a website using Magento 2.4 PayPal are losing their minds emailing me with the IPN notifcation failure e-mail: “Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notification(IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: http://yourstore.com/paypal/ipn/. If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is […]

An element with a “root” ID already exists

Hey guys, My exception.log constantly has this error. Does anyone has this issue before? I have find in the app/code folder for everything that use createElement function but cannot seems to find anything. Please help me. Thank you main.CRITICAL: An element with a “root” ID already exists. {“exception”:”[object] (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException(code: 0): An element with a “root” […]

Error installing M2.3.4 – ‘no key available’

Hello, I’m trying to install a new instance of M2.3.4 through composer and I keep get the following error output to the exception log when trying to install: “main.CRITICAL: No key available {“exception”:”[object] (RuntimeException(code: 0): No key available at /Users/xxxx/Sites/m2ce/vendor/magento/framework/Encryption/Encryptor.php:255)”} []” I’ve set all perms according to the Mage guides, and in a wild moment […]

Restoring reviews tables M1

So my employee selected all my reviews and deleted them by accident and now I’m trying to restore those tables. Every time I try to import the review tables from my backup, it says foreign key restrictions. Is there any guide or direction that can help me solve this problem?? submitted by /u/zvekl [link] [comments]

Magento dropshipping

I’m new to magento and curious about a couple of things. Preferred dropshiping extension (AliExpress, free options?) Payment methods/extensions Configure shipment Configure email Hopefully someone can help me a hand. submitted by /u/itoys-shop [link] [comments]

Magento 2 Cart Add-On

Hey all – I would like to offer my customers the options to “add-on” a product while they’re checking out at a deep discount. Kind of a “we’re shipping you a box anyway, want to add X product at a 50% discount” kind of thing. Any good suggestions on extensions to enable this? submitted by […]

Creating online shop

Disclaimer: question can be stupid So basically I am competitive programmer but complete unaware of how things works on production. I need to create online store; did a little research and decided that Magento platform is good to go. I installed it, but I cannot understand, how is full-stack web development is related to this […]

Magento 2 Progress (Is it worth it?)

Running 4 x Magento 1 stores. It does absolutely everything we want it to and is easy to develop on. We priced out Mageone and are looking at around $20k / year just to get access to patches. Not sure how long that will last either. We tried putting up a Magento 2 instance early […]