Extension like WP’s FakerPress for M2?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone was aware of an M2 extension with functionality similar to WordPress’s plugin “FakerPress”. This is a plugin for developers to create “dummy” data like users, posts, pages, etc.

I looked around online and didn’t find much so I figured I’d ask here. It would be nice to have something that at least let’s you create fake customers and orders.

Someone mentioned the sample data package but it wasn’t clear if this did customers and orders which is the most important thing to me.

Thank you.

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Grouping promotions on one page.

Hi all,

A client messaged me that he would like to have a banner on the mast site pointing to the promotions they are running at the moment. Is this possible?

At the moment the “discover our offers page” is pointing to a random page on the website, the idea would be that all the promotions would appear on a single page and when promotions appear/disappear that page would get updated.

What would be the easiest/cleanest/fastest way to do this?

My thoughts would be to add a page called promotions and list the SKUs of the promotion on that page. This would cause manual labour I guess. Meanwhile, change the URL in the banner to point to that promotions page.

All feedback and help would be great!

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Magento 2 Missing Orders but payments received.

Github Issue

Last week we noticed payments received with no corresponding orders. Took us a few days of investigation before we found this thread and patched our server. Still keeping an eye on it, but this was a pretty serious issue. From the customers perspective they had submitted an order and paid us but nothing was appearing in our order history, just a skipped increment_id.

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Fixing CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) issues with Magento 2?

Looking for more information about CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) and how I can improve my Magento site to fix these CLS issues? Basically Google is saying my PAGES rate low due to a poor CLS reporting.

I can’t find any step by step Magneto guides on fixing CLS problems but what I’ve read causes this includes:

  1. Always include size attributes on your images and video elements, or otherwise reserve the required space with something like CSS aspect ratio boxes. This approach ensures that the browser can allocate the correct amount of space in the document while the image is loading. Note that you can also use the unsized-media feature policy to force this behavior in browsers that support feature policies.
  2. Never insert content above existing content, except in response to a user interaction. This ensures any layout shifts that occur are expected.
  3. Prefer transform animations to animations of properties that trigger layout changes. Animate transitions in a way that provides context and continuity from state to state.

Is most of this resolved via css changes? I do have the Porto Theme; if that matters. Just wondering if there is a module that can help with these or some sort of guide I could use?

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Redirect Simple Products to their Configurable Parent with Attributes Pre-selected

Hey guys I am trying to Redirect Simple Products to their Configurable Parent with Attributes Pre-selected and I followed Daan’s guide. The Observer is as follows:


Unfortunately, I think a recent Magento update may have broken the code to actually pre-select the attributes. The redirect still works correctly. There were a few other folks have a similar issue on his site. Is there a simple fix we can use to patch this feature? Thanks so much.

This is on: Magento 2.3.5p running on CentOS

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Setting a default price for new products?

Currently on 2.3.2 but we might be upping to 2.3.5 soon.

Is there a way to set the default price when creating a new product? We now half half a dozen or so on the team listing products every day, currently we have a library of about 7500 products.

Every now and again one of the team will list something and forget to set the price, admin team finds out when it sells at £0. Not ideal. Is there a way to default prices to £9999 or similar if the user hasn’t changed it on product creation?

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